When best friends have babies …


My best friend Laurel had her second baby this weekend.

We’ve been friends for 33 years, since I was 5 and she was 4. We still talk every single day, either over email or text and sometimes on the actual phone.

At about 3 a.m. Saturday, I got a text saying she thought she was in labor.

At about 4 a.m., I got up and started replying to her. We texted back and forth for an hour, and then I headed out to do my long run. The entire time, I thought about her. (And for at least 6 miles, Erica and I shared labor and delivery stories while poor Chris had to listen.) Her first labor and delivery had gone fairly quickly for a first time, and second babies often come even faster.

After I got home, this photo came through my text messages:


Are you not in love?? Look at that happy, glowing, gorgeous mama. And that perfect, brand-new baby.

My heart is bursting with love for her, and her family. (OK, and I am a little envious — labor and delivery was pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I loved every minute of it. Honestly. It’s so awesome!)

Laurie and I are as close as, sometimes closer, than sisters.

Welcome to the world, beautiful Ruby James.

Happy nursing, fussing, diaper-changing, no-sleeping joy.

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2 Responses to When best friends have babies …

  1. Danni says:

    Did you use pain relief during your labor and delivery? I’m not being facetious I’m genuinely curious.

    • Hey! I was induced both times for low fluid. So, both times, I went in, had Pitocin and had constant fetal monitoring. Those are the things that I read about as being horrible and scary before I knew that was definitely going to happen to me (I knew I would be induced when my fluid got too low both times – at 37 7and 36 weeks).

      But I have an awesome OB and had amazing labor nurses. I was able to use a portable monitor and walked around the halls the whole time. Then I was able to sit in a tub both times – still being monitored. You hear about an induction and hear you’ll be strapped to a bed, etc., and that wasn’t true for me at all.

      I had hoped to go without drugs, but both times begged for an epidural (at the same point – when I was in the tub and didn’t realize I was in transition). And both times it was too late. 😉 I got narcotic shots with both kids, that took the edge off, and made me feel like I was a little high, but that’s about it.

      So yes, I had pain relief, but not an epidural. I was really, really happy with how it all went. Even though I was induced, monitored and had some drugs, I still feel like I had this amazing hippy-dippy experience. I walked. I sat on an exercise ball. I labored for a long time in a tub. I felt comfortable and great. (I also was able to eat during labor, etc.)

      I feel like there are a lot of really scary books/DVDs out there about how modern medicine will ruin “your birth experience.” And I guess I just always want to stand up and say, hey, I had TONS of interventions, and yet still had a lot of freedom. And I nursed immediately after birth both times, and everything went well.

      I’m really glad I didn’t get the epidural, which I mostly didn’t want because I did’nt want a giant needle in my back. But I was also glad that I could walk around right after delivery – and take a shower. I think I took a shower within like an hour of delivery. Ha!

      Anyway. I felt like the most important thing was my doctor – who supported the portable monitor – and my labor nurses, who were up for anything.

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