Ray of light

Howdy, friends.

I was feeling so hopeful about my stupid jacked up calf. I took some time off, got some rehab on it, waited until there was zero pain for more than a day and ran on it — and it was fine.

I ran a very easy 4.5 miles on Saturday on dirt trails. No issues.

Took Sunday off for travel, and taught spin on Monday, no issues.

On Tuesday, I ran 7 miles and felt great (though painfully out of shape).

So I had planned to run 10 this morning, but at mile 5.5, I got that weird tightening in my lower calf/achilles again, and it started to cramp.




I stopped, stretched, did some ab work (ugh) and called it a day.

I am super frustrated. I have a few days before I sign up for a fall marathon, and am seriously considering just doing the half. If this keeps up, it’s just dumb. And I don’t have anything to prove — I’ve done 10 marathons, no need to run a crappy 11th. I want to do well, and felt on track for that easily until about two weeks ago.

But that’s how it goes, right?

In good news, I set my iphone on top of the car today while I put Viv in her carseat. I do this all the time. But today I forgot to get it off there. Thankfully, it somehow stayed on top of my car on the drive to work.

Thank goodness. I don’t know what’s worse — losing it or having to tell my husband I need to go buy a new iphone.

Happy running.

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One Response to Ray of light

  1. mizmollymae says:

    First of all, iphones are incredibly aerodynamic. Katharine regularly demonstrates it’s flight capabilities. I’m not surprised it stayed up there.

    Secondly – my medial soleus was a wreck this summer. It came from running hills. I had to go in for a very painful 10 minute calf massage and some accupressure therapy. There are even some exercises you can do to strengthen it (wide squats with heel raises). But it takes flipping for-evah to get over that injury. It doesn’t quite sound like that’s what you have, though…

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