Minnetonka swimming pond

Howdy friends.

We went here this weekend. (OK, we also went to a Twins game and did other stuff, and I went for a run here.) It’s enough to make you want to move to the Twin Cities. The park system there is amazing.

But this pond … swoon. It’s man-made, and has a filter and chlorine. But it looks just like a real pond, but with less … nature. That’s good for two kids who have tubes in their ears and histories of many, many ear infections (how many nights have I sat up, with a feverish, crying kid on my lap, pulling at his or her ear? Too many. But oh, they’re so sweet cuddled up on you.)

We packed a cooler of snacks, beach blankets ,more snacks and a ridiculous amount of sand toys.

And it. was. awesome.

Viv sat in water about that deep pretty much the entire time digging.

Viv sat in water about that deep pretty much the entire time digging.

Jack admiring the pond.

Jack admiring the pond.

It was only a few bucks to get into, and I feel like we had a total beach experience, which made me feel for a few hours like I was on an awesome summer vacation. It was exactly what I needed.

Then we got slushies for the kids and took them to the huge playground that the park also had. It was the biggest playground I’ve ever seen, and they LOVED it.

Philip’s sister, Susan, came out, too, and the kids got to spend some sweet time with their aunt.

Viv and Aunt Susan!

Viv and Aunt Susan!

Jack playing pirate.

Jack playing pirate.

Then we took their exhausted selves home, fed them taco salad and huge ice cream sundaes (thanks, Aunt Julie!) and parked them on the couch in jammies to watch “Despicable Me.”

I feel like they had the kind of day with family that I remember as a kid. Lots of cousins, lots of treats, and lots of freedom to just run and play and just be.

Of course, they were overtired and up too late and up too early and Sunday they were generally dreadful in the car.

So I’ll just keep thinking about Saturday, and how it was my absolute ideal family day. I hope they thought so, too.

Happy running.



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