Marathon pace groups, running while pregnant

Howdy, friends.

No, I am not pregnant. We’re done with that in the Palfy Klemond house, unfortunately.

But I did come across this article this week about running while pregnant. It talks about how you start to tilt your pelvis more and more as you get that waddle later on in pregnancy — but also about how it doesn’t just go away post-partum. Interesting stuff. Maybe this pelvic tilt/lingering waddle contributed to those stress fractures I had?

I’m glad someone is studying pregnant women running rather than just yelling, “Your uterus is going to fall out!”

Turns out, it won’t. But it might get out of whack.

In other news, I met with the Sioux Falls Sports Authority this week to talk about the marathon this September.

I found out some awesome news — they’ve added pace groups. That is great. I was worried how I would run without my secret boyfriend Owen pacing me. Now there’s hope.

Of course, I came off a killer 52-mile week last week feeling like a rock star, and then got a calf cramp so bad on Tuesday that I still haven’t recovered. You know it’s bad when you literally fall down mid-stride and beg your running partner to rub your leg for you while you writhe in pain on the bike path.

It was not one of my finer moments running.

But even worse, I think, was the mile-plus hobble back to work. I looked like a zombie runner, dragging an uncooperative calf with me. Since then, I’ve made sweet love to my foam roller, borrowed a compression sock and taken an enormous amount of ibuprofen.

Hope it heals up soon.

Happy running.



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