Summer running

Howdy, friends.

I won’t lie. I hate summer running. I mean, I like when the sun comes up early and it’s beautiful and clear out, but I hate on the days I need to go at noon, when it’s hot and humid and gross and ugh.

Today I skipped my early run because Viv had a fever last night and I wanted to make sure she was OK this morning. (She’s fine.) That meant I had to go at lunch. My sister Pam is training for the Sioux Falls Marathon from her home in Phoenix, so she’ll laugh when I post this … but dear lord was it gross out today.


Yuck. I ran 7 miles and it was not pretty. Averaged about 8:30, which was fine, but it felt much, much harder than that.

Anyway, my trip out of town put a kink in my long run plans, so last week I only had 32 miles and a long run of 7. Lame. This week I’ll do a 15-miler on Thursday morning before work to cram my long run in.

Here’s what’s happened lately …

Wednesday: 5 easy

Thursday: 5 easy

Friday: Off

Saturday: 5 easy along the Riverwalk in San Antonio

Sunday: 7 easy

Monday: 8 easy in the morning, taught spin at lunch

Tuesday: Biked an easy 8 miles in the morning for a work project, ran 7 at lunch

When I look at it that way, it doesn’t seem THAT bad. Though I’m currently at the point in training where I just feel like I’m in horrible shape and should give up and eat potato chips every day.

Happy running.


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3 Responses to Summer running

  1. lhand71 says:

    I’d laugh too but I’ve wussed out and have been running at the gym. Supposed to be 117 here on Friday.

  2. Dixie says:

    Boy, I agree on the grossness of running in the heat–but in the early mornings (5:00-ish) the humidity is usually over 90% which feels like running through water. Dreadmills are the worst, tho….

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