New running shoes

Howdy, friends.

I’m a shoe hoarder.

Specifically, running shoes. I run in the same two kinds, all the time: Asics Kayano and Asics 2100 series. So when they go on sale, I usually buy a few pairs at a deep discount to save for later. When you go through 3-5 pairs of shoes a year, at over $100 each, it’s good to find a deal. I can usually find them for around $75, if I don’t care what color they are (I don’t) or if they are last year’s model (fine).

Then I rotate … and my shoe pile looks like this:


Maybe I should have turned the flash off?

Anyway. This is the latest pair, which I took out of the box this morning before heading out for 6 easy miles:


Holy bright. The bottoms are lime green. They are kind of crazy. But I love that shoes are getting nuttier. For a while, they were ALL blue and white. I was sick of it. So much white. Ugh.

These are the new 2100 series, now just called the Asics 2000 series. They feel way lighter and a bit narrower. I have the trail version (the black ones in the top photo), and didn’t notice that. But with these, I felt like I was in racing flats. I’m not sure how I feel about that … but thankfully I have a pair of Kayanos waiting in the wings, to rotate in and out.

I’ll have to pull them out soon — I have 400 miles on both pairs I’m wearing now, and I can tell because my left hip hurts.

Beyond that, running was meh this week. My son got really sick, which meant I had to cut a run short (because I got a phone call on it that he had a 103 fever — though I did log a 7:19 mile back to daycare to get him) and then I took a day off home with him. I had hoped to go long Saturday, but I didn’t want to leave Philip home with one kid that sick and one wily toddler.

I did get out for 10 easy miles yesterday, and had about 36 for the week. Whatever. Family trumps fitness, every time.

Today I ran 6, and we’ll see what the week holds.

Happy running.

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