The week in running, and some Dora

Howdy, friends.

I have 13 weeks until the Sioux Falls Marathon. My sister just signed up this past week, so I should probably do that, too.

If you include a 2-week taper and two trips out of town, that means I have about nine weeks until the race — meaning, nine weeks where I can log decent mileage. And then of course add in Philip’s work schedule, and I probably only have six or seven actual weekends where I can get some mileage.

That’s sort of how it always is for me, so I am used to it. I can’t build up week by week like normal people. I just have to cram in as much mileage as I can, whenever I can.

Which is why my Monday started at 5:30 a.m. with 10 miles in the fog. It was a beautiful run, with a ton of hills. I secretly love hills. Like, really love them. I don’t do hill repeats or anything (let’s face it, I am very lazy), but I do try to pick hilly routes and then run the crap out of them.

Last week I ended up running about 35 miles, with no real long run. Lots of 7s. But I also took two weights classes and taught one spin class, so that’s fine.

This week, I really hope to get up around 45 miles, with a long run of about 15. Plus I teach a spin class, and want to continue a few weights classes.

And what I really need is to stop eating like a pig. I have only myself to blame. And my wicked, wicked sweet tooth. And my wine tooth.

In other news, I took the kids to a local festival this weekend. It was pouring all day, so most events were canceled. Thankfully, Dora was still there.

Viv was in heaven:


Look how happy she is! She loves her Dora.

That’s all here.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to The week in running, and some Dora

  1. John Stifler says:

    Jacqueline – I never read a blog before this summer. The first is my daughter’s blog about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. (She’s more than 700 miles along so far.)
    The second is yours, which I have just now discovered by looking for any running-related sports writing in Sioux Falls.
    I work on the Mt. Washington Road Race in New Hampshire, a wild and ridiculously steep 7.6-mile race to the top of the highest peak in the Northeast U.S.
    The race dates back to the 1930s. Before this year no one from either of the Dakota has ever run it. This year we have one: Aaron de Curtins, 28 years old, from Sioux Falls. (I have contact information for him if you want it.)
    The race is this Saturday, June 15. If you found a way to write about it for the Argus Leader or in your blog or anywhere else public, a number of people would be thrilled.
    Having written a weekly running column myself for about 25 years, I am extremely impressed by yours.
    John Stifler, press liaison, Mt. Washington Road Race (413) 320-7510

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