Weekend of bowling, running, biking

Howdy, friends.

Saturday was yet another gloomy day around here.

For me, it started with a 12-mile run on gravel. It was a great run — with a speedy finish in rain with a tailwind. The gnats at the start were sort of horrible, but the wind and rain quickly took care of them. If I know it won’t storm, I actually love a rainy run.

So rain, rural, gravel … doesn’t get much better. I got out for another 6 miles on Sunday, and ended up with 41 for the week. That’s just fine with me.

But the rest of the day was just gross, so Philip and I tried to figure out something fun to do. Turns out, that’s bowling. We’ve taken the kids one other time and they liked it.

This time, we tried a different bowling alley. It was pretty fun.

Bowl1 Bowl2 Bowl3 Bowl4

The kids had a blast. And Viv loved checking out her super cool bowling shoes. There were a lot of young families there, which I think is great. I like seeing people out doing things as a family, especially something that doesn’t involve a television.

Not that I hate television. On Sunday, I may or may not have let the kids watch over an hour after breakfast.

But after that, we had a wonderful spring day — I ran 6 miles, then came home and Jack and Viv helped me plant the rest of our flowers.

Then we grocery shopped (which they love).

And in the afternoon, I put the kids in the bike trailer (which is like hauling a cage fight around) and we rode the bike trails and hit two parks to play.

Then dinner out on the back patio, dessert at Dairy Queen and asleep by 7:30.

I am so looking forward to more days when we can spend as much time outside as possible making our annual tour of city parks. There are a ton here, and they are all fun. This year I hope to add state parks, too.

Happy bowling, running, playing outside.

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