The week in fitness

Howdy, friends.

I haven’t made time to blog lately. Does anyone really care about my running? Probably not.

But here it is anyway.

This week for the first time since the Boston Marathon, I don’t feel like total crap. That’s good, right?

So here’s what I did:

Monday: 6.5 easy miles

Tuesday: A fitness test (which I’ll explain below)

Wednesday: 6.5 easy miles, taught a 45-minute spin class

Thursday: Another easy 6 miles, taught a 45-minute spin class, push-ups

Friday: 12 miles before work at a nice clip — and, even better, a progressively faster run. It was a beautiful crisp, clear morning to run.

I’m not sure what the weekend holds. It’s calling for storms. And I really need a day off. Right now I think I’ll just let myself sleep in — especially after getting up at 4:30 today. At our house, “sleeping in” means hoping the kids sleep until 7.

It was a good week, with a fine sort of mid-distance run there. The Sioux Falls Marathon isn’t until September, so I have plenty of time to just sort of maintain.

So, the fitness test … my coworker and I took it, and our friend and city wellness guru gave it to us. It’s part of an upcoming video series on health, fitness and recreation. We recorded the whole thing, but it’s not ready for prime time just yet.

But here are the basics:

4:00 plank — done, but I hope I never have to do that again

21 single-leg balance exercises, on each leg — done, and that was sort of easy for me

As many push-ups as you can in a minute: I did 40 boy-style push-ups (I know that’s not the technical term, but whatever). I think I did more, but some were discounted for not being 90 degrees. Wah.

A series of 24 each squats, jumping squats and lunges, bam, bam, bam. That was OK, except the jumping squats, which are horrible to me after the first one.

Through it all, I scored “excellent.”

Yeah, baby.

Then. Oh, then. Then came the flexibility test, where you sit with your legs extended, and reach as far as you can to push this little lever. First of all, I can’t even straighten my legs without them trembling — I am THAT inflexible. And then I could only reach the 12. Even after three tries. Which puts me in the “very poor” category for flexibility.

“Do you ever stretch?” they asked.

“Um, sometimes I lean over and bring in the paper after a run,” I replied. I am so lame. To get on the board, I need to reach 6 more inches. I give up already.

Happy running.

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