Summer running plans

Howdy, friends.

I haven’t written much about running lately as I tried to get over a virus followed by a cold followed by being pathetic.

The week after Boston, I took a few days off, then ran a bit. Then the next week I had to teach spin classes, and ended up doing doubles every day — that isn’t smart post-race exercise.

But it caught up to me, and I got sick, and ended up taking a bit more time off.

Finally I feel normal again — you know, overworked, exhausted, sick of doing laundry and desperate for candy and Diet Coke nonstop. The usual.

Last week I ran about 35 miles, which is just fine. That included a long run of 10 miles on Saturday at an easy clip. Sunday I met up with the Lincoln group for a few faster miles, and for the first time in a month, I felt like it was easy. It’s funny how you can run a marathon and then a week later feel like you’re in the worst shape of your life because you can’t drag yourself through a 5-miler without cursing.

But that’s how it goes.

I plan to do another 10-miler tomorrow morning before work, and then I hope to be back on track. I also lifted weights Tuesday for the first time in a month — and I confess I am painfully sore from it. I’m already trying to talk myself out of my lunchtime workout today. I need some motivation. Quick, someone shame me into going to the gym.

My sister signed up to run the Sioux Falls Marathon in September, so I guess I’ll do that, too. I’m not in love with the event or the course, but that’s OK. Maybe then Philip can do Twin Cities and we can sort of stagger our monster months of training — and our taper madness. That alone would take some strain off parenting-marriage-marathoning. It’ tough to make time for both of us to train, and this could help.

So, it looks like I’ll do an early fall race.

Beyond that, I really want to run the Jackrabbit 15 in October. Partly to keep a tradition alive. And partly because my two other goals this summer are endurance and trails.

I would like to see how far I can run — with a goal of doing 30 or 40 or 50 miles at a shot by the fall. Why not run the Jack 15 and then run back to my car at the start, for a nice, easy 30.4 miles? I’m grateful to have one nutty friend also interested in the challenge.

Then I ordered some trail shoes — my first. I so enjoyed the gravel road running I did this winter/spring, I’d like to keep it up and add some dirt trails, too.

I can’t wait to wear these bad boys:

Courtesy of Road Runner Sports

Courtesy of Road Runner Sports

They aren’t SERIOUS trail shoes — no Gore-Tex there — but they are a bit more rugged and beefier than my normal shoes. I figure they were a good intro-to-trails shoe.

So, that’s the plan, man.

Run for a long time.

On gravel.

Or dirt.

And a quick fall marathon.

No problem, right?

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Summer running plans

  1. Dave Graves says:

    Glad to see your interest in the Jack 15. It is Sept. 28, which means the Sioux Falls Marathon is our training run for the Jack 15 x 2.

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