In other news: A layover in Philly

Howdy, friends.

As part of our insane cross-country trip the past two weeks, I paid an extra $400 for a 3-hour layover in Philadelphia so I could see my best friend of 33 years.

Laurie and I met when we were kids growing up in Elyria, Ohio, and haven’t seen each other in four years.

Philip and I and the kids landed, gathered our gear and sprinted out of security to sit in a skyway with Laurie and her daughter, Quinn, and have a quick lunch. It was a weird place to visit, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted to see them.

And we did.

And made poor Philip take about 100 photos. Here are just a few. Note how she is about 5 months pregnant and looks gorgeous and I have on the shirt I slept in, no makeup, and didn’t even wash my face that morning. Ugh.

Me and Laurie. Best friends forever!

Me and Laurie. Best friends forever!


Look at that tummy!!!! When you’ve been friends since ages 4 and 5, you are allowed to rub, kiss and make fun of baby bellies all you want.


Jack holds the ice pack next to his ear.
Quinn: What is your brother doing?
Viv: I have no idea. Here, let me comfort you in our time of weirdness. Soon you’ll understand, when you have a sibling.


Jack: Hmm, maybe I’ll ice this little ledge here.
Quinn: :giggle:
Viv: Let’s get out of here. Brothers are weird.


Jack: Oh, I thought you guys thought I was weird. What’s that? Now you want to see this ice pack? Yeah. I’ll bet you do.


Laurie: Just keep smiling, no matter what!
Quinn: Stop squishing me!
Jack: Cheeeese!
Me: Why am I a woman with an Adam’s apple?
Viv: I don’t know these people.

Happy running, reading, photo taking and best friending!


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