Currently reading, and a note on Boston

Howdy, friends.

Sometimes when I go pick up all my holds at the library, I quickly scan the new releases. I try to avoid it, because at any given time I have about 12 books checked out. I will never have enough time in this life to read all that I want to read.

But the new releases are on the way to the children’s section, and what can I say, I’m a nerd. I usually grab something based on its cover. This is what I picked up recently:


It’s OK so far. I’m just over halfway through. The first chapter completely sucked me in, but now it seems to be taking way too long to get to the point, which I feel like I can see coming a mile away. Still, it’s a quick read, and enough to keep my attention for a half hour every night before I fall asleep.

Here it is on Amazon, GoodReads, and the NYTimes.

And here is my recent post on Boston.

Happy reading.

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4 Responses to Currently reading, and a note on Boston

  1. John says:

    Train hard to qualify. Train much, much less to enjoy and finish Boston. Congrats, we live you and wish you the best. Hav

  2. msmidt says:

    Great story on Boston.

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