Valentines, 4 year old style

Howdy friends.

Jack made his valentines tonight. He wrote his name, and then I asked him to say something nice about each friend, and I wrote that on the back for him.

Some were pretty typical and some were really funny.







Well alrighty then.

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5 Responses to Valentines, 4 year old style

  1. karene3434 says:

    That is too cute!

  2. Ann Allison says:

    one year for preschool graduation, the teacher did something similar where each kid said what they liked about Gus. I have it framed in his room… I love the things that kids say

  3. OMG these are priceless!!!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Classic! So glad you have pictures of them. Something to hang on to for the future! I really admire many of my friends’ heads as well….

  5. Those are too cute! I think I’m going to go around telling people how much I like their heads today. Thanks, Jack!

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