On likes and dislikes

Howdy friends.

Jack is taking a class on social skills and learning how to make a friend. Each week they do a little project. Last week it was a cutout of a hand and little notes on how to have “helping hands.”

The class is great and he loves it.

This week he had to make little books of things he likes and things he doesn’t like, and then I think ask his little friends what they like and don’t like.

Here is his book. I’ve been laughing all day.

He likes:


Who doesn’t love sandwiches?


Kids playing are fun.




Ice cream, Nemo and football. I can’t argue with liking any of that. Good job, buddy.

Then his dislikes:


Wine. Well I’m glad he doesn’t like wine. He’s only 4. But I wonder what his teacher thought? And even worse, we don’t call it wine. We jokingly called it “mommy juice” once and it stuck. Nice. For the record, I have one glass of wine a few nights a week but only after they are in bed!

His other dislikes were more typical:




Salad, roast beef and apples. That’s about right he doesn’t like those.

But this?


What does he have against turtles???

I think I’m going to save these little books forever.

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One Response to On likes and dislikes

  1. Hahahaha. That is so cute. The wine got a big laugh out of me because it might as well be called mommy juice around here, too. Christian just mentioned to me yesterday how much he loved Nemo. There is something about that fish!

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