Random fitness notes

Howdy, friends.

I guess I’m officially almost done with the first week of Boston training. It’s a little random, because I’m not following an actual training plan. But mentally I know that all my running right now is focused on standing at the starting line.

I’ll do a long run of 16 tomorrow, and end the week in the mid-40s. A little less than I had hoped for, but a sick toddler meant I chose a little more sleep over a run this morning. Every once in a while, I think that’s OK.

Motivation for working out comes from a lot of places — and there have been the standard glut of stories about resolutions going around right now. I have the same reasons as a lot of folks — competition, health, weight control, socializing, habit, whatever — for working out. And goal races and running dates with friends help keep me going.

But this winter, I also was introduced to a new obsession — Strava. I’ve only used it a few times, but I can see how it will become addictive.

It’s like a Facebook for running — like how Goodreads is one for nerds. Swoon. My people.

You can upload runs manually, or download them from your iPhone or Garmin. Then it traces your route, gives you splits, elevation, etc.  And the best part? You can mark certain “segments” of routes, and then compete with others on those stretches of road. I can already see how I’ll pick it up when I hit certain stretches. Someone marked Phillips Avenue from 26th to 33rd streets as a segment. Nothing like climbing a hill to bring out your inner running beast.

So, that app along with the 100 push-ups app, which I’m doing (again), are bringing me some fun and variety right now. I know the hard weeks of marathon training are coming up — late February and early March will be my “monster month” of miles — so for now, a little diversion and lots of easy running feels pretty good.

Happy running.

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One Response to Random fitness notes

  1. msmidt says:

    Does Strava allow live mapping? And does it allow live feedback? These are two features on a couple other programs that I enjoy.

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