Running year in review

Howdy, friends.

I’m pretty sure I won’t get a chance to run today, so I’m going to post my year-end stats this morning, knowing they could go up by a measly 5 miles before the day is done.

Total mileage for 2012: 1, 565 miles

Average weekly mileage: 30 even

Highest month: September, with 190 miles

Lowest month: March, with 25 miles

Highest weekly mileage: 53 miles

Longest run: 20 miles


Phoenix Marathon, January 3:41:49 and a PR at the time.

Brookings Half-Marathon, May, 1:49 as a training run

Twin Cities Marathon, October, 3:39:13 and a PR and Boston-qualifier

At this time last year, I was finishing my training for Phoenix, just getting ready to taper. And now I’m just starting my Boston training. I had a wonderful year of running. Except for some lingering (and still sometimes lingering) pubic ramus pain in the early part of the year, I’ve remained uninjured. That alone makes it a great year. But two marathon PRs, and re-qualifying for Boston with the tougher standards make it even better.

But beyond that, I ran so many miles with my best friends — Christine, Erica, Kristen, Brenda, Chris, Owen, Patrick, the noon boys, the Lincoln group. I can’t believe how many runners there are around here, and I hope in 2013 to get to meet more of them and share a mile or two.

And I really hope to run my heart out for the next few months and stand at the starting line in Boston, ready to give it everything I’ve got. And then, maybe, to share the Twin Cities course with my husband Philip this October.

Happy running.




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2 Responses to Running year in review

  1. msmidt says:

    Good numbers. No wonder you had such great results. Good luck in 2013!

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