Write this down


Fart. Mouth.

That is what Jack called me the other day.

“Jack! That is a naughty word, and we don’t say that!”

It’s also very … descriptive. And creative. And funny. I had to turn away because I was laughing so hard, and continue to laugh about it, even now, a week later.

How can you fault someone for saying that word over and over and giggling? I’m 37 and just thinking it over and over is making me laugh.

We’ve had a big problem in our house with name-calling lately. It started when the kids heard me call something (not someone) stupid. And they latched onto it.

Viv likes to look at you, and quietly hiss “Schtooopid” while looking you dead in the eye.

I’m in so much trouble.

We’ve been working with Jack on why we don’t call names. So now he says, “I need to think twice, right, mom?”

And I say yes, and he puts his head in his hands, looks off, and says, “OK, I thought twice! And I am (am not) going to say poopybutt anymore!”

To which I have to reply that he either made a very good or a very bad choice.

Of course, sometimes he says naughty things without thinking twice.

Kids can be such fartmouths.

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2 Responses to Write this down

  1. Sounds like Viv is working on a dry sense of humor. 🙂

    Katharine’s word: stinkybutt. And she also likes to be a gassy lassy and, as soon as it’s audible, she starts laughing… hard. We tell her she’s being rude, being a rube, but when you’re laughing, too, it becomes a desirable thing to be.

    I just hope she doesn’t let one loose on Thanksgiving. I would die laughing. Not the impression I want the in-laws to have.

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