Currently reading: “The Flame Alphabet”

Howdy, friends.

This is what I’m starting next:

Here is a NYTimes review.

And here is an NPR review.

I don’t know anything about Ben Marcus, but reading the reviews of this book and his other works makes him sound pretty interesting. Here is an interview he did with Salon.

I’m about 20 pages to the end of “Girlchild,” and it’s been an OK read. It was fast, and I liked the style of it, but I didn’t love it. What is interesting is that you get a pretty definite sense of place in a novel that doesn’t altogether really describe the setting. It’s all about the people around the narrator. Maybe I liked it more than I realize. That happens sometimes.

In kid books, we are loving, “I’m not cute!” Viv thinks this is REALLY funny. She would. She told me the other day, “You don’t look nice!” Thanks, kid.

Link here.

And Jack and I have been reading this:

Link here.

It’s pretty cute. The subtleties of what happens to Howard when he doesn’t listen get lost on Jack, but he keeps asking for it. At the end is a list of questions about comprehension, what listening means, and how to show you are listening.

Happy reading.






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