Currently reading: “In Zanesville”

Howdy, friends.

I finally finished the book about the periodic table this weekend, which was really, really good. Why didn’t I love science books in school? Man, maybe I could have chosen a job that pays way more.

Then again, lab coats aren’t flattering, so there’s that.

My next book is “In Zanesville” by Jo Ann Beard.

Coincidentally (?) there is a Zanesville, Ohio. This one is not set there, though. It’s some other Midwestern nightmare.

Here is an NPR review.

A Washington Post review.

An Amazon site.

So far, this book is amazing. The opening scene ends in a horrifying way, that you expect, don’t want to expect, and recognize.

And the opening lines are great: “We can’t believe the house is on fire. It’s so embarrassing first of all, and so dangerous second of all. Also, we’re supposed to be in charge here, so there’s a sense of somebody not doing their job.”

Basically, it’s awesome. I only stopped reading last night because I had been home with two barfing kids for the entire weekend and had to get up at 5 a.m. Monday to run.

I am already in love with this book. I’ve never read anything by Beard before, but the dust jacket (yes, it’s a library book — as an aside, I hate that everyone reads on electronic devices. How can you effectively snoop on someone’s book shelf that way?) says she also wrote “The Boys of My Youth.”

Just the title of that one sounds great.

And shallow as it may be, I freakin’ love the cover photo on the book.

Lame? I don’t care. It’s awesome.

Happy reading.

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2 Responses to Currently reading: “In Zanesville”

  1. jeff says:

    First of all, i’m a little ashamed that you still mentioned you were getting up at 5:00 to go running after taking care of sick kids all weekend. That would be another excuse for me to not go.
    Second, I’m trying to like my Nook. But there’s still no subsititute for grabbing and holding on to the book and flipping the pages. Plus now that the Main LIbrary has so much more display space I go in to pick up one book and end up browsing and getting five or six. Can’t browse and get the feel of the book on the Nook. Rob just had me read Unbroken which was great, also working my way through Nothing LIke it in the World: Transcontinental Railroad. (Plus a book in the car and a book at home).

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