Family photo shoot!

Howdy, friends.

My friend Emily took our annual family photos this past weekend. She is amazing — she makes us all look better than we actually look. Great photography is worth every penny — my best friend Laurel is a photographer, and I think she’s drilled this into my head all 33 years of our friendship.

So Philip and I set aside a bit of money every fall — and Emily kindly helps us stick to our budget — to capture some great photos. Here are a few:


Emily gets a photo of Jack on a swing every year — they are always great.

Look how grown up he looks!

My guy.


I am in love with her ponytails.

Fake teeth!

Shit-eating grin. She looks just like my sister Kim here.

Happy running. And go hire a photographer. It’s worth it.


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One Response to Family photo shoot!

  1. StefanieSchocke says:

    SO cute! Beautiful family!

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