Currently reading: “The Disappearing Spoon”

Howdy, friends.

The best part of being post-marathon? Besides sleeping in every day, it’s having tons of time to read.

So right now I am mowing through this:

I love books that make science-y stuff easily understandable. I’m about 50 pages into this, and so far, so good. I wish any of my high school science teachers had been able to explain things like this — maybe I would be a scientist now. OK, maybe I should have just listened more in science class.

Here is a New York Times review.

And here is an NPR review.

And this is the author’s web site.

And one more, from GoodReads.

The beginning talks a lot about Plato and love and the erotic, and that “abstract and unchanging things are intrinsically more noble than things that grub around and interact with gross matter.” This is in a part describing the noble gasses.

And then it goes on to talk about Plato’s theory off “form,” which argues that all objects are shadows of one ideal type. “All trees, for instance, are imperfect copies of an ideal tree, whose perfect ‘tree-ness’ they aspire to,” Kean writes.

Maybe this is what my son Jack meant this week when he told me he couldn’t wear a button-up shirt because it was “too buttony” or that I couldn’t take a shower because it was “too wet.”

Clearly my son is meant to be a philosopher.

Anyway, so far the book is awesome, weaving science and philosphy and even linguistics, a favorite of mine, beautifully together.

Happy reading. And running.



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