Taper madness, and some numbers

Howdy, friends.

I did my last little run today before Twin Cities — just a boring, easy 4 miles. In the wind. Ugh, I think we skipped fall here in South Dakota and went straight to winter. it’s an hour after my run, and my hands are still too numb to type well.

This is making me obsess about what to wear in the race, but I won’t bore you with that.

Instead, I’ll bore you with numbers. Here’s where I am for the year, heading into my fall marathon. Twin Cities is my 2nd marathon this year, and my 9th overall. I have barely raced this year — turns out, races cost a lot of money, and we don’t have it to spend this year, which is a bummer.

So far this year:

Miles run: 1,191 (I so wish that said 1,200 — and I hope to be around 1,600 at least for the year)

Highest weekly mileage: 53 (and I had several weeks over 50, so that feels good)

Highest month: September, with 190 miles (the same as December of last year, before Phoenix. Funny how I end up doing the same mileage no matter what before a race)

Lowest month: March, 25 miles total and achey pelvic bones

20-milers: 3 before this race, one more than usual

Days until I see if this all paid off: 3

So, here we go. I’m just packing up our stuff to head to the race this weekend. I’m in full-on taper madness hell. Just ask my husband.

I did make a playlist for the race, and I am hopeful I don’t die on the course and get judged by my choices. The music you run to (Nicky Minaj, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, old Yaz songs, techno) is not the same as the music you just listen to (Wilco, Lucinda Williams, more Wilco). It’s embarrassing. I even put an old N’Sync song on there. Yeah, baby! I feel weird running with headphones in the race, but, man, it made such a difference to me in Phoenix, I’ll take what I can get. And yes, they are legal at Twin Cities.

Happy running. And racing.

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6 Responses to Taper madness, and some numbers

  1. jamie says:

    Good luck with the TC marathon lots of SF peeps are heading that way. Hopefully we can get a recap of the race. My go to song that starts off my run play list is by Fun. called One Foot and the whole album is actually pretty good kind of a Queen feel to it.

  2. jeri says:

    Good luck this weekend. I hope you knock it out of the park. And ENJOY that cold weather. It’ll help tremendously. In my recent races, I’ve been bringing my iPod and turning it on when I feel like I need to start “digging” or zone out. It’s helped a lot. Good mix of the “being present” and then going on auto pilot when necessary. KILL IT!

  3. Laura H. says:

    Yaz!!! OMG!!! I have Bad Connection on my running mix. I also have lots of music on my running mix that I would never listen to in real life. MIA, PSY <–insanely catchy, Usher, Justin Timberlake, etc.
    Hope you have a great race!!!!

  4. msmidt says:

    Waiting to hear the race report!

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