Currently reading: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Howdy, friends.

This is what I’m reading now:

It’s amazing so far, and I’m only about 50 pages in.

Here is a review from the New York Times.

And an excerpt from that review:

Half an acre. 335 huts. 3,000 people. And a concrete wall that is supposed to hide them from view: this is Annawadi, the Mumbai slum that comes vibrantly to life in this book’s pages. Ms. Boo says that she chose Annawadi because the scale of this “sumpy plug of slum” bordering a lake of sewage was small, and its location was fraught with possibilities. Annawadi sits beside the road to the Mumbai airport, on “a stretch where new India and old India collided and made new India late.” In 2008, at the time the events in the book unfolded, scavenging and trash sorting were the children of Annawadi’s most promising career choices.

And here is the author’s web site.

So far, it’s depressing, colorful and engrossing.

Happy running.


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