Top 100 young adult books

Howdy, friends.

I saw this list today of the top 100 young adult books, as put together by NPR. The top of the list is Harry Potter, which I can’t get behind. I hated Harry Potter.

I didn’t like the movie, couldn’t even get through the first book. Maybe I have no imagination. Or I’m just not into fantasy. Or that’s the same thing in two different sentences. But man, those books were lame to me. I feel the same way about “Lord of the Rings,” and no, I haven’t seen the movie (they are on the list at No. 5).

One thing I love about young adult novels is they have to hook a teenager, so they draw the reader in quickly, and they often are quick reads. I did love the “Hunger Games” series (No. 2 on the list) and REALLY love that they beat out the “Twilight” series (No. 27, and I’m Team Edward, fwiw).

My favorite books in middle school and junior high, and probably high school were the S.E. Hinton books.

And “The Outsiders” came in at No. 13.

Let’s do it for Johnny.

I loved the book, the movie, all of it. I had a huge crush on Ponyboy. OK, and Sodapop, too. And maybe Dallas. Who didn’t love Dallas? I read all of her books, and thought they were awesome. Though perhaps 3rd grade was too young for them (I’m the youngest of four kids — nobody paid attention to what I read). And I always wanted to read “The Carpetbaggers,” the book Ponyboy is reading at the end that everyone says is too old for him. I should look that up.

Some other favorites that made the list:

“A Separate Peace” was at No. 38. And “Go Ask Alice” was No. 35. Cheesy, but I loved it. And while “Forever” was a great book (No. 46), I always preferred Norma Klein‘s books instead. They seemed more realistic.

And how on earth did the Maggie Adams books not make it?

My sister gave me the trilogy when I was in 7th grade. I wish I still had them — I would read them all over again.

The list is a good one, and it’s fun to go through and see what I read and what I remember — including the sweet pink stretch pants and the sweatshirt with the puffy bunnies on it that I was wearing the year my sister gave me that book. Yeah, baby.

And it’s cool to see all the other titles that I haven’t read. It might be fun to spend a season mowing through the 100 titles.

Happy running.



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3 Responses to Top 100 young adult books

  1. Oh, Jacqueline. My inner nerd is loving you right now. Well, except for the whole team Edward thing, lol.

  2. Adam says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Harry Potter books being on the top of the list. While I thought they were pretty good, that’s not the main reason that I’d put them up there. The Harry Potter books are the only series of books that I can remember that had kids breaking down the doors of bookstores to buy the books the day they came out so they could read them. As far as I’m concerned any book that gets kids to read is a good book.

  3. Beth W. says:

    No Goosebumps? C’mon!

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