Naked Olympians! And graham crackers

Howdy, friends.

I’m pretty sure I won’t look like this if I keep eating my kids’ graham crackers.

I’m just sitting here eating an entire sleeve of kid food while working/watching the Olympics (more work than watching, I swear, no, really).

Good grief. Those folks look amazing. I was running with a friend the other day and joking about how much we work out, yet we will never be described as “ripped.” I’ll never be super muscular. Skinny, yes, muscular, no.

I have been loving watching the Olympics this week. Though not as much as I loved it in 2008, when I was pregnant with my son and on three weeks of bed rest. That meant I got up, put on yoga pants and a ratty  maternity shirt, wobbled to the couch, and laid there watching every single sport, every single day of the 2008 summer Olympics.

It was awesome.

This time around, I’m just catching a bit every night on NBC and a bit during work when I can. I confess I cried AGAIN today watching the recap of Gabby winning gold. I’m so lame.

We’ve had a lot of discussion in the newsroom about how to headline results online during the day — knowing some people (me) are careful and wait until the evening to watch the events and don’t want spoilers. Others say, hey, we’re in the news business, let’s report the news.

I don’t know. It takes something away from the fun of watching at night if you know what happens. There’s something to be said for the shared experience of hoping your athlete wins, and yelling from your couch. Watching results trickle in all day is anti-climactic and annoying.

What do you think? I’ve been avoiding all social networking during the day to avoid spoilers. You?

Happy running.


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4 Responses to Naked Olympians! And graham crackers

  1. I have one complaint. That photo of the athlete? Seriously needed a scroll down. Just when it was getting interesting for me……

  2. Jamie says:

    I need to know the results right away I can’t wait for the evening coverage too impatient and it’s only a click away. So what your saying eating a whole sleeve of oreos won’t help you look like that? May need to change my training diet.

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