Currently reading “The Wave”

Howdy, friends.

This is what I’m obsessed with right now:

Here is a book review. I love books about weather, extreme sports and shipwrecks. So this book is ideal for me. I love anything about polar explorers, blizzards, people lost in the woods and all things Shackleton.

I recognize this is a little goofy. I don’t care. I love it. One of my favorite elements of the book “The Children’s Blizzard” was just plain old learning the history of the National Weather Service.

I have had a rough summer of reading. I just haven’t been able to get into anything lately, and returned two books, back to back, without finishing them. That’s something I usually do maybe once a year. So twice in one summer is odd.

Thankfully, this book has held my attention. I feel lost when I’m not engrossed in something.

Though I think a lot of it is just having a lot on my mind this summer. Maybe I’ve chosen “Mad Men” as my escapism instead. And, of course, the Olympics this week.

I wish when I was in school I could have learned about science and waves and oceanography and all that through books like this. I would have been about a billion times more interested in it — and understood it better. Maybe I’d have a science career now if that had been the case. Ah, probably not. I’d rather read about experiments than do them.

Happy running.



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