It’s not supposed to be easy

Howdy, friends.

I haven’t written about fitness in a while. Maybe that means I’m not fit? I don’t know.

My running is in the toilet right now. I’m getting in about 45 miles a week, but I cannot for the life of me gin up the excitement to do a real long run. I’m satisfied going 10 or 14 on the weekend. I don’t know what my problem is.

The heat. Humidity. Bad attitude.

At least my mileage is good, right? I’m not sure how many weeks I have until the Twin Cities Marathon. It’s best right now to not peer too far into the future. I see a death march coming my way.

This week, I was feeling some residual pain in my pubic ramus, randomly (seriously — it’s been like a year since it last hurt). So I skipped a run yesterday and took a weights class instead.

Oh, friends.

I haven’t lifted in a few months, and I was painfully sore before the class was even over. It’s a good reminder to stick with it. I know I see results in how I look and how my running goes when I lift regularly, but I get so lazy.

But there is a highlight to the week.

This morning, I completed my mentoring program to be a spinning instructor.

That’s something I started a few months ago, working with some instructors at my gym. They were so kind and so helpful and so, so very patient.

The first class I taught alone, I arrived super early and took this photo:

Please someone show up.

It was terrifying, I’m not going to lie to you. I am not someone who enjoys addressing a group. I get really self-conscious and nervous and sweat a lot. Gross, I know. I also get this thin, high-pitched voice and I hear it and hate it. Ugh.

I’ve never been one for public speaking. I went to Catholic school for many years (shocking, I know), and one year the kids had to do a living rosary. Everyone was a bead and went up and said the prayer. I had a simple Hail Mary. But when I stood up and looked out, I completely freaked out.

It was fifth grade, I think. Maybe third. Sister Mary Jane looked at me, and I looked at her in terror. She fed me each line of the prayer, and I remember thinking, she’s lying to me. The words are so unfamiliar. But I repeated them and we all survived. And I’m sure she gave me the right words. I just remember the white hot terror I felt.

So learning to teach a spinning class has been a challenge for me, but I’m glad I did it. Not just because it’s a little extra cash, but because I decided a while ago that I needed to be more daring in life.

Maybe teaching spinning isn’t the same as skydiving. Or climbing Everest.

But to me, getting up in front of a group and having to watch a clock, plan an exercise routine, execute it AND talk at the same time was tough enough.

I’m happy to report people looked sweaty and tired when the class was done. I seriously thought I was going to electrocute myself with the microphone up there because the sweat was literally dripping off my chin.

Yeah, baby.

So maybe I’ll see you in spin class one day.

Happy running.


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2 Responses to It’s not supposed to be easy

  1. Love that you put yourself out there and are teaching a spinning class! I find that daring, for pretty much the reasons you stated! I’m inspired to step out there just a little more! Thanks! Have a great day!

  2. Awesome! I teach group fitness as well, been doing so for about a year, and I was a little nervous at first about cueing and executing and all of that stuff but I have to tell you that I LOVE it now! It’s all about just getting experience and eventually you become really comfortable doing it. They feed off of your energy so just keep that energy up! I’ve been teaching dance for over a year and am thinking about getting certified to teach spin. Keep up the great work!!

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