And the gold medal goes to …

Howdy, friends.

This is for my husband, Philip. Who kindly volunteered to babysit my friend Erica’s daughters so she and I could go run in the brutal heat on Sunday. This is what we left:

Cora, Philip, Danica, Jack and Viv

We came home to four kids coloring, covered in brownie crumbs, and a house that looked like someone threw a frat party involving fake food and baby dolls.

But everyone — including Philip — was in a good mood. These kiddos play together most weekends, and it has been great. And I am so grateful that Philip was so willing to help out so I could run.

Erica and I are lucky enough to not only share a love of running but to have kids who like to be around each other (we joke that Jack and Dani are going to get married one day).

She and I ended up just doing 7 miles on Sunday. I did 12 on Saturday and ended my week with 42 miles. Not bad, not great. I can’t get into my long runs lately. Maybe it’s the heat. Or I’m really lazy. So I’m just going to try to get in high weekly mileage and forget doing anything more than 12 if I don’t feel like it. I hope I snap out of it soon — I’m thinking letting myself off the hook for 16-milers will help — so I don’t explode in Twin Cities.

We’ll see.

Happy running.

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