Howdy, friends.

First things first: I ran 9 awesome miles today. It was a crisp, clear, windless day on the prairie, and that is just pure heaven. I ran with some friends, on a super hilly route, and then finished alone with some AWOLNation, and it was glorious.

Got home, both kids still asleep, so I got to get them out of bed — with their snuggly jammies and bedhead and all warm from their blankies. Good lord, I love that.

The two of them are nuts right now (I just read somewhere the word “three-nager” and that so describes Jack right now — like a teenager in a preschooler’s body), but also very sweet. And Viv is talking all the time, and just cute about it. Today she went bonkers because she thought I had a strawberry Nutrigrain bar in my gym bag and was tearing through it to find it. Nut.

Genevieve at the park on Memorial Day.

And Jack has been really funny. And bossy. (Wonder where he gets that from?)

Jack on Memorial Day.

I really can’t believe he’ll be 4 this year. That’s wild. I also can’t believe those ears. Good lord, kiddo. They just keep growing.

Happy running.

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