You just said what?

Howdy, friends.

First the cuteness:

Philip took the kids to the grocery store this afternoon, and apparently there were free samples of chocolate ice cream. I can see that would be tough to pass up. I’d love to know how Viv got ice cream on her tummy, though. As in, under her clothes. Kids are so weird. Also, Philip said he isn’t sure if they ate the cones, but the cones were “just gone” after a while. Melted? Smeared into the poor steering wheel of the beloved car cart? Thrown on a the floor of the frozen food aisle? We’ll never know. Our apologies, poor grocery store workers.

But yay for summer! I love kids full of summer dirt. I love dirty bare feet, sticky fingers, sandy clothes. I love how playing outside all day means my house stays clean. Wait, I mean … .

We had a little cookout for dinner, and the kids did great, even though they ate their dessert first. But they still made a huge mess.

And after dinner, Philip took them up for a bath so I could straighten up the house, and Jack looked at me and said: “You stay down here and clean up our mess, Mommy! You can stay here and clean up after us, OK, Mommy? OK?”


I couldn’t even discipline him for that. I was just laughing too hard.


Happy running.

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