Brookings Half-Marathon update, with photos

Howdy, friends.

I ran the Brookings Half-Marathon on Saturday. I think it was my 19th half-marathon, and my time was pretty in the middle for those I’ve done.

My watch read 1:49:40 when I crossed the finish, and darn it, I’m going with it, even though the official finish time for me is 1:50:06. The timing mat didn’t record my chip finish, so it just has the gun time, and let’s face it, no way. I knew I wasn’t going to PR (1:42) in the half. The results also have the two women I ran with ahead of me, even though we started and finished exactly together. Whatever. Nobody cares but me, but I do care. The time doesn’t even qualify me for anything except the middle of the pack, and it’s not like we were even racing, until the last mile when we were like, dear god, let’s perhaps not shame ourselves in the 1:50s, you know? (All results here.)

I ran with my friends Kari and Erica, and it was fabulous.

World’s blurriest photo, courtesy of my good friend Kristen. I’m in the black shirt, and Kari is next to me in red.

Kari and I have run a lot of races together, including the Fargo Marathon a few years ago. She’s pretty awesome to run with. Super steady, easygoing, and ready to rally when you want to. Erica, who I’ve also run a ton of races with, was there, too. She’s the same way — a steady runner who can gut it out.

Not that we did. We walked through every water stop, walked up the hill at mile 10 and basically meandered through town until mile 12, when were like, dear god, let’s just get this over with. And we did, with a 7:50 final mile.

Not too bad for three women who’ve barely been running.

But the best part was really just time with girlfriends.

Christine Ellis, me, Kristen Johnston, Kari Voss and Erica Bukovich, after the race.

We drove up before the race, and because Brookings begins at 7, it meant we had to all get up at like 4 a.m. Poor Kari had to drive over from Worthington, so she was up at 3 a.m. to drive to Sioux Falls, meet with us at 5, and drive to Brookings. Why do we do this again? Kristen and I laughed until we cried on the way up — about random Saturday Night Live skits and stupid jokes. We all talked about our kids — there are 10 kids among us, which is just funny. That’s a lot of kid stories. And once again I was just reminded that I have the best friends I have pretty much ever had (except Laurie, who I’ve known forever) since moving to South Dakota 11 years ago.

As usual, Brookings put on an excellent race. Well-organized, good T-shirts, and fun treats — including pickles — at the finish line. Chocolate milk and pickles sounds gross together, but it was great. And of course the weather was perfect.

It was a wonderful way to kick off summer racing. I got out again on Sunday for about 6 miles, then a bunch of biking, pulling the kids in the Burley.

I freakin’ love spring and summer.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Brookings Half-Marathon update, with photos

  1. Danni says:

    You crack me up. 1:50 is still respectable!

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