Ugly runners

Howdy, friends.

First things first: You can see how people get to your blog. Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward, someone searched my name or my kids’ names or the name of the blog.

I also attract a lot of people looking for photos of a muskie, from one random muskie photo I posted.

And “fart cartoon” also draws searchers, again, from some random cartoon months ago.

But my favorite is “ugly runner photos.” That one popped up today. Now I’m not saying I’m some smokin’ hot looking runner. Who is? Certainly not me in my sweat and tears. And that’s before the race even starts.

But still. Jeez. Maybe I’ll have to do more than just roll out of bed before the Brookings Half-Marathon tomorrow.

Nah. I’ll brush my teeth, grab a vat of coffee and be on my way. At 5 a.m. Good lord. I appreciate races that start early. But not when I have to drive an hour to the starting line. Ugh. Still, Brookings does a pretty good job, and their T-shirts have vastly improved over the years. So, I am excited to head up there with some girlfriends and run. I should say “run,” since I’m not racing it at all. God, I’m already kind of embarrassed by how crappy it’s going to go. Maybe as someone with a running blog I should quit being so lazy lately.

A weird 24-hour flu this week didn’t help. But let’s face it, I can’t really blame it on that. Oh but I will.

Anyway. This weekend is a big one for races in Sioux Falls, too, with the Avera races. I’ve done those a few times, but I generally prefer something a little smaller. Besides, I run our bike path so much that the thought of racing on it makes me want to throw up. I wish race organizers would take more advantage of the city and really showcase it.

Especially with the marathon and half in the fall. The last thing I want to do is run up by the airport. Ugh. Boring for runners, and tough for spectators. Why not open up the city, take runners down 57th Street, weave out into the country, through some neighborhoods, straight down Phillips Avenue? Sure, it would require more police, blocking off streets, organizing things. But it would be a better race. Hillier. More interesting. Easier to come out and watch.

Just an idea.

OK, that’s all here. Wish me luck in Brookings tomorrow. I’m going to need it.

Happy running.



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One Response to Ugly runners

  1. Lydia H says:

    None of us look pretty running a marathon, or after! Good luck on your race tomorrow! You’ll make it.

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