Books and running, quick updates

Howdy friends.

I’ve been slammed with work and sick kiddos, and then just general life lately.

But here are a few things going on.

I just finished this book:

Review here. It was … odd. I just finished it last night, and I’m just not sure how I feel about it. I think I need to read it again. It was very internal, if that makes sense.

And then I picked this up:

Which feels completely different — that’s something I love about books. You can just explore different worlds. I don’t care how cliched it sounds.

Here is a review.

In random running news, I am running the Brookings Half Marathon on Saturday. I’ve done this race a bunch of times, including last year as a bandit. I’m officially registered this year, but after taking a few months off after Phoenix to let my old injuries settle down, I feel like I am just in crap shape. I’m confident I can run the distance with no problem, but it won’t be fast. My PR is 1:42, and there’s no way in hell I can do that right now. I am just slogging through my regular runs, which is fine, but then I think about how in shape I was just in January, and it’s depressing.

I’m debating how to run the race. I really don’t want to shame myself with some crap time. At the same time, does anyone even care what I run? No, friends. Nobody cares. Just me. But I still want to wear a big sign that says “I sometimes am a pretty good runner!” Maybe I should wear one of my old “pregnant runner” t-shirts?

Even though I am not pregnant. Let’s keep that clear.

So who knows what will happen out there Saturday. I’m guessing I will start out pretty easy, then say, aw, the hell with it, and buckle down and see what I can do that’s just the better side of mediocre. (Then probably realize a half mile later that I better settle for an easy jog, considering I have done zero real speed training, or endurance training. Mostly I’m just wandering around out there every day, trying to stay sane.)

I keep almost typing a time that would make me happy, but I don’t have one. Nothing short of a PR would make me happy, time-wise. So instead I’ll just be thrilled to be with my running girlfriends Christine, Erica and Kari. And I’ll love just knowing that I can still go run 13.1 miles, on a random Saturday, like it’s no big deal.

And then I’ll think about what’s next for me, which is Twin Cities in October. And, praise the lord, they accepted my 2012 Phoenix time as a Boston-qualifier and it allowed me to be in the first wave again. That feels good. Maybe I’ll just keep thinking about that when I am slogging through Brookings.

Happy running.



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