Currently reading … and a note on English majors

Howdy, friends.

Here’s what I’m reading now:

And here is a review.

I loved his other book, “Middlesex,” and so far, this one is awesome, too.

Except this painful paragraph about English majors:

“Because they weren’t left-brained enough for science, because history was too dry, philosophy too difficult, geology too petroleum-oriented, and math too mathematical — because they weren’t musical, artistic, financially motivated, or really all that smart, these people were pursuing university degrees doing something no different from what they’d done in first grade: reading stories. English was what people who didn’t know what to major in majored in.”

As an English major … that about sums it up. Even better, it took me five years to get my degree from Ohio University. So I spent five years … learning how to read. That’s OK, that’s what I do all day at work, anyway. Read. Honestly? It’s about ideal. Paid to read. Who wouldn’t love that?

Happy running.


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