Kid hilarity

Howdy, friends.

Something is going on with Jack and Genevieve this weekend. They are either extra ornery or extra funny. I think it must be spring fever.

Lately Jack has been really bad about pushing Viv. He gets put in time out for it, but it doesn’t seem to even bother him. I’ve started telling him that he’s going to get put in time out every time I hear her cry, whether I see what he did or not. But it doesn’t phase him.

And this weekend, she had to go in time out, too, for being equally pushy.

At first they sat nicely in time out.

But then …

Viv starting hitting Jack, the reason she got put into time out with him in the first place.

I’m not sure time out is working very well in our house. I’m not sure what our next step is, but Jack pushed his friends who came over today, too, so I know it isn’t just sibling rivalry. It needs to stop, though.

And maybe Viv is worried for her safety. Because this is what was in her little purse she carries around:

What's next, kid, a handgun?

Seriously. What the hell? “OK, I have my fake coin purse, some fake coins, oh yes, and this giant fake knife. Ready to go to the grocery store, mom!”

In other funny news, I told Jack we were going to Target to get a few things, including a gift for a friend’s new baby.

“Mom, we should get him a Thomas train bridge.”

“Jack, I don’t think so, he’s just a baby.”

“I need a Thomas train bridge for my train table, mom.”

“No, we are just getting some boring things at Target today, buddy.”

“You know what’s not boring? The Thomas train bridge we’re gonna get.”

Nice try, turd.

Happy running.

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