The heart of the matter

Howdy, friends.

Jack has a horrible/sweet habit of climbing into bed with us most nights. It’s hard to resist the feet padding into our room, and the request, “Mom, can I cuddle wif you?” He always brings his blankie and is ready to snuggle.

I confess, we let him in more than we send him back to his room. Who doesn’t love to cuddle?

Well, last night we didn’t love it, when he would not go back to sleep. From midnight until 2:30, Jack was super restless. He didn’t have a cough or a fever, and we just could not figure it out. We took turns with him, and eventually took him back to his room, and took turns trying to get him to go back to sleep in his own bed.

It was brutal, and I am exhausted today. (And at one point last night, Viv started crying, so I went and picked her up, in this sleepwalking stupor. She was pissed! And writhed around, like Christ, woman, I am just crying in my sleep!) And still have no idea what was up last night.

But I heard Philip trying to figure it out, asking him lots of questions.

This morning I asked Jack what was the deal last night.

“My daddy cuddled wif me,” he said.

“Yes, but why were you awake?”

“Mommy, you cuddled wif me, too,” he said.

“Yes, I did, buddy.”

“Daddy asked me what was the matter,” Jack said.

“Well, buddy, what WAS the matter?”

“Nothing. I don’t have a matter.”

Well, that clears that up, I guess.

Happy running.

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One Response to The heart of the matter

  1. Danni says:

    Too cute! Except for the no sleep part.

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