When you get older…

Howdy, friends.

Jack is super interested in what he can do when he gets bigger. It all started because he can see his future elementary school from an upstairs window in our house.

“Mom, I wanna go to that school,” he tells me.

“When you get a little bigger, buddy,”   I reply, at least once a day.

It’s sweet how much he wants to go to school, or do anything the big kids do.

We’ve been enjoying an early spring here in South Dakota — which has been warm and not that windy, two things that are unusual and very welcome. It’s meant a ton of outside time. Sometimes we just play in the driveway, dragging out all our little toys and making a huge mess.

Philip tends to shoot baskets while the kids are playing (or else plays fantasy baseball on his ipod, but that’s another post altogether). Jack always wants him to slam dunk, and at 6’3″, that’s not too hard for Philip, so he obliges.

This weekend, Philip was working, and Jack asked me to slam dunk the ball.

“I can’t, bud, I’m too short. Daddy will when he gets home.”

“I’m gonna do it, mom,” Jack said.

“Well, you’re too small, but you can try,” I said.

He sat there on the driveway and thought for a bit.

“When I get bigger?”
“Yes, when you get a little bigger, buddy.”

He kept thinking.

“I’m bigger now,” he announced, and stood up to try to slam dunk the ball. A heave ho, and the basketball made a tiny arc, and skidded across the driveway.

Jack looked thoughtfully at the ball.

“I didn’t get bigger yet, mom.”

That’s right, buddy. But man, it seems like it does happen that quickly — this growing up thing. It feels like time moves as quickly as Jack thought it did, in those moments sitting in the driveway.

I wanted to cry when he realized he wasn’t big enough. When I realized he was getting so big, so fast. I just wanted to hold on to an early spring day, with Genevieve toddling around in her first pair of real shoes. With the dog trotting around, looking for shady spots to nap in.

With everything just right.

Happy running.

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3 Responses to When you get older…

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  2. Melissa S says:

    So, we just had our baby three weeks ago yesterday. I love our small little baby, he’s such a joy. We do look forward to watching him reach his milestones. We will be so proud. But, my ‘cart before the horse’ brain is envisioning him growing up too fast. 😦 I have five weeks before I go back to work yet. When I do, I will have way more things to talk about with people, but I dread the idea. How does a person drop their little one off at daycare? My little buddy deserves a well rounded mom… But, it will suck dropping him off. I plan to visit him so that I can nurse him during my lunch hour if possible. Though at some point I might like to work out over my lunch hour. How does a person maintain their supply when pumping at work? I’m behind on your blog… 😀 I am pretty sure that I’ve read posts about such topics. I’ll go explore some more. Glad you’re getting to spend the nice weather with your kiddos!!!

    • Welcome to the world, new baby! How wonderful — congratulations!!
      I managed to pump for both kids for a year. It is a big commitment, but worth it if you want to do it. I think once you can establish a good supply at home, you will be fine. I pumped three times a day at work, and that was enough (in an 8 or 9 hour day).
      There are tons of good resources, including kellymom. And the lactation consultants in my town were SUPER helpful — so you could try to connect with one at your local hospital.
      And leaving the kids at daycare is tough — but if you trust and love your caregivers, it helps.

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