Howdy, friends.

My dad keeps telling me that I need to write down what the kids say, because I’ll forget. I blow him off, and think yes, yes, I’ll write it down later, and then I completely forget.

Just this weekend, I had like five things I wanted to remember. Now? I can remember two of them. But here they are.

Jack woke up sick overnight last week, which I think was more the result of him coughing than actually having a tummy bug. But it caused him to vomit in his bed. The next morning, in the retelling, he shared, “Mom, I coughed last night, and all this sick came out!”

The next day, he was feeling pretty good, but we stayed home, just in case. And he found a toy hammer and some fake lunch meat, from his toy kitchen. He was wandering around with it and said, “Hey mom, I gotta go bang my bologna.”

Dear lord, I laughed so hard. He looked at me like I was crazy, but it was just so funny.

Jack has this really funny way of talking — he’s super matter of fact, and uses all the words. He doesn’t shorten things up, really, and just is kind of formal sometimes.

So we called my sister to thank her for some books she sent him. She is very gentle on the phone, and endlessly patient with preschoolers. She asked him how he was, and he replied, “Aunt Kim, I am OK. I had a tummy bug, but I am OK now, Aunt Kim.”

I could just hear her laughing on the other side of the phone.

He’s just a sweet, gentle kid.

Happy running.



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