Biker babe, and some conversations

Howdy, friends.

So, we bought a Burley bike trailer last year, and now Genevieve is old enough to ride in it with Jack. Of course, that means she needs a helmet.

So Philip took her out to get one.

Please ignore the training potty we still have in our kitchen.

I am super excited for bike rides to the park and the library this spring and summer.

Philip makes fun of me a bit because I am safety-obsessed. So when I texted him to ask if he bought her a helmet, and what it looked like (they are so cute!), this was his reply:

“A cute one. Made of paper and nails. With sandpaper and broken glass on the inside!”

Thanks, husband. You’re hilarious.

In other bizarre random news, Jack got really sick overnight the other day. I didn’t even know until I woke up and his face was this.close to mine — because he was lurking next to our bed. Creepy! Then I realized Philip was awake, and Jack’s light was on because he was changing all his sheets.

This is how Jack described it:

“Mom, I just coughed and all this sick came out!”

Yeah, buddy, that’s how that works.

Happy running.

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One Response to Biker babe, and some conversations

  1. Aww… poor guy! We just went thru diarhea and vomiting in our household… Fun! First Katharine, a week later Max, and then the following week Jeff and I. It’s the house that crap built. Anyway, it really didn’t slow Katharine down a bit. Every time she sat on the potty, she started laughing. I think she’s growing into a prepubescent teen boy.

    BTW, cleaning up after the dog was by far the worst part. Ick.

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