The Year in Running 2011

Howdy, friends.

I just wanted to post a quick recap of the year in running for me, and for the data nerds out there. You know who you are.

I had a great year. I didn’t run a single PR. I didn’t “race” a single race. But I logged a lot of mileage, had zero injuries and feel like I ended the year in excellent shape, which is perfect, considering I’m running a marathon in two weeks. (Holy shitto!)

This year, I didn’t log any mileage in January. I am going to guess I ran about 125 miles that month, because that is pretty typical for me, for a low-mileage month. I had Genevieve in October 2010, and tried to run really easily with no pressure after her, to avoid a in injury repeat of 2009. So I chose to not log any mileage for about two months after she was born.

My running log stats look like this:

Total for the year: 1487 (If I add in January, we can say a nice round 1600, I would guess).

Highest mileage week: 49 miles.

Average weekly mileage: 28.5 (probably because January wasn’t counted).

Highest monthly mileage: 190, in December. Thank you, global warming.

My log also has what’s called a “parrot predictor” that grabs your fastest 26.2 each week and spits out your marathon time (ha). My fastest week put me at a 3:39. Let’s hope that’s right, since I’m hoping for that (OK, faster) in Phoenix. I am in better shape than I was for Fargo, my last PR in 2009, so I think that can happen. 

This year I didn’t run a ton of races. And I didn’t “race” any of them.

But, here they are, anyway:

14 May: Half-marathon, 1:45. Bandit.

25 June: 5K pushing the double jogger (was actually 3.3 miles, according to every single person who ran it): 26:35. On freakin’ gravel.

4 July: 10K, 48:11.

11 September: Half-marathon, 1:59, ran easy with a friend.

2 October: Twin Cities Marathon, 3:58:19, ran easy and had a blast. This was my 7th marathon, I think. And my third best time.

29 October: 10K pushing the double jogger (dear god), 50:38. Not too shabby, considering Jack screamed the last three miles.

And that’s it for races. Not much this year at all. But that’s fine. My goal was easy running, base-building and feeling good. I accomplished all of that, and still managed to finish another marathon in there. I’m very happy that an easy effort in the marathon still got me sub-4:00.

And the shoe I made sweet love to all year was this baby:

Photo courtesy of Road Runner Sports.

I normally wear the Asics Kayano, but started rotating in the 2100 series this year, and I have to say, I am loving them. I think I will wear them in Phoenix for sure. I think they’ve changed them enough in the past few years that they are stable enough for me. Or else I’ve become a more efficient runner and need less stability (I am sure that is not true, and anyone who has seen my trademark knock-kneed running style will agree).

So, that’s my year in running. I am hoping in 2012 to continue to stay injury-free. To requalify for Boston in Phoenix — and honestly to come in around 3:35. There, I said it. To run a sub-1:40 half-marathon (PR is 1:42). And if I can make all that happen, to maybe seek out a late summer 10K and kick its ass (PR is 45:25, I think).
And if all that fails, hell, maybe we’ll have a third baby instead.
Happy running.
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One Response to The Year in Running 2011

  1. Laurel says:

    Haha. I knew it (third baby).
    I love the 2160s. I was looking at the 2170s in the store today. May have to try them this year.

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