Some book notes

Howdy, friends.

First of all, thanks for the kind words yesterday. My day started off shitty and just got worse — ending with a trip to the doctor for Genevieve and a few days of nebulizer treatments for her. Her little cold just keeps getting worse. My girl.

But she really seems to be on the mend today.

So, sometimes I go on these book benders, where I reserve books like crazy from the library. I often can’t remember why I wanted to read something, where I heard about it, what it’s about, anything. But books just start flooding in, and I try to mow through them as quickly as I can, before the library starts calling, demanding I return them. I generally finish every book I start, and read almost everything I checko out of the library. I tell myself that there must have been some redeeming review or recommendation, even if I can’t remember what it is.

So, with that in mind, I recently read “The Taker,” by Alma Katsu.

From the author’s web site.

I have to be honest, I have no idea where I heard of this book. I started it, and could not get into it, but I kept going … and then halfway through realized it was some supernatural bullshit. I mean, it was fine, entertaining, but hardly surprising. Booklist tells me “readers won’t be able to tear their eyes away from Katsu’s mesmerizing tale.” I disagree.

But it’s read now, so that’s one more I can return to the libary. Good lord.
Next up is “When God was a Rabbit.” NYTimes review here.
Tell me, what are you reading, and what are some of the book blogs you regularly read?
Just a bit more random book news: It’s going to be a Little Critter and Richard Scarry book Christmas in our house. I can’t wait. Jack is going to be SO excited. I’m not sure what books I’ll get for Genevieve yet.
Happy running.
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2 Responses to Some book notes

  1. mandala56 says:

    I work in a library and read Shelf Talker… that’s my downfall! Since I don’t have to pay fines, the book piles get really tall!

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