Some notes on running

Howdy friends.

I should probably post a bit about running, since I started a blog for running talk, after all.

Things are going great. Truly, great. I feel strong, efficient and like I am in good shape. I ran 44 miles last week, my highest mileage since August 2009. Can you believe that? I ran 42 the week before, and have been rocking the high 30s for about a year now.

Today I ran 7.4 miles at 8:05 pace with a friend. If you had asked my pace, I would have guessed 9:30s. So that’s awesome it felt so easy. I ran my first 20-miler of Phoenix training on Saturday, and averaged 8:57 overall, on a hilly route, with a negative split. Again, I didn’t look at my watch and ran by feel and was really surprised when I plugged it all into my log. This all tells me that I really DO have a chance to re-qualify for Boston in Phoenix in January.

I told my friend Patrick today that I feel like I finally am actually “training” again, instead of just running. It feels good. I’ve continued to try to lift a few times a week. I’m hoping that will help keep me from getting injured while also making me stronger. And, you know,maybe one day I will not have flabby triceps. A girl can dream, right?

On Halloween, I ran a local 10K with my double jogger.My very good friend Erica ran with me. Here we are at the start, in these silly socks my husband bought us.

I ran a 50:38, not a PR at all, but pretty sweet for pushing a freakin’ double stroller. Splits were: 8:00, 7:44, 8:14 (stopped to get Jack his mittens, which he eventually threw away), 8:20 (had to walk part-way up a hill), 9:07 (Jack cried the entire second half and I stopped to console him a bit), 7:31, 1:38 for 0.2.It was pretty funny. Jack cried, “Moooom! I just want a huuuuuug!” the ENTIRE second half. Jesus, kid. I think he was just cold, but that’ll teach you to throw your freakin’ mittens away, stinker.

The best is I ran past this guy, and he tried to nudge me over, and said he would push the stroller. Um, buddy, not unless you pick it up. Did you miss the part where I was passing you??

Anyway. I just realized, maybe I already posted about my Halloween 10K? I can’t even remember. Oh well, here it is again! Enjoy! Clearly I’m in a fog this fall.

So, that’s what’s going on here. I am 8 weeks out from Phoenix. I hope to get in two more 20-milers, and a few faster 15s, joining a local run club for part of them to push the pace a little. I want to run around 42-48 miles a week for all of November, then get up into the mid 50s for December. That will be a challenge if it snows. Then a nice post-holiday taper.

Good luck to Laurel, Jeri and Jenn, who are doing Philly soon. And a quick shout out to Danni, whose running amazes me. I am so envious of how cool she is.

Happy running.

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7 Responses to Some notes on running

  1. Danni says:

    You’re so sweet. And FAST. Geez. I am excited for you that this training cycle is feeling so good and looking good for a great race. You sure deserve it! And I’m laughing about “I just want a huuuuug!”

    • I felt like freakin’ Mom of the Year with my kid yelling that. He also randomly cried, “I want a scone! Mom! I want a scone!” Good lord, you stinker! I am not fast. But I am feeling good!!! I can’t wait to hear about Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim and also more Rim, please. 😉

  2. Dixie says:

    Have been waiting for this post because I was pretty sure I had a random picture of you finishing the Trick or Treat 10k among all of the photos I took of runners…and I do!!! (confirmed by checking out the socks-ha!) Great time considering the double stroller with the kiddos.

  3. purpleshoe runs says:

    thanks for the shout-out! and that’s a bad-ass 10k time for pushing a DOUBLE. sheesh.

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