Marathon training update

Howdy, friends.

I ran my first 20 miler of my Twin Cities training yesterday. It went … OK. The good: I ran with some awesome friends, I ran a negative split, and we ran a hilly course, which is always good. The bad: I am slow as fuck anymore. I had to stop and almost puke at the top of a hill. Did I mention I’m slow?

I mean, I wouldn’t mind almost throwing up on a run if my pace warranted it. But you know, humping up a hill at a 9:30 pace doesn’t really seem puke-worthy. Ugh.

But, it was the longest run I’ve done since August 2009. That time, my 20-miler capped off a 70-mile week. And also was the beginning of months off due to stress fractures in both pubic ramus (rami?). It was horrible and frustrating, especially since I was in truly the best shape of my life. This time? My 20-miler meant I was at 35 for the week, after having taken two days off for pubic ramus pain (and today, a third day off). I’m slower, and crabbier. I haven’t gone over 40 miles a week yet this training cycle. I keep trying to tell myself that this is fine, be conservative, go have a good time in Twin Cities. Nobody, nobody cares how I do.

But me. I care.

I don’t want to look stupid out there. I don’t want to watch all my friends blow by me. I want to run with them, laughing and cursing and saying “Fuck” all the way up the Summit Avenue hill the last few ungodly, uphill miles.

What I really wanted to do was just say the hell with it, and start out at Boston-qualifying pace and just go ahead and blow up. Take a big risk. See what happens. Now I’m starting to think running it at all is a big risk — a risk about maybe reinjuring myself. I need to get my head in the right place, be conservative the next few weeks, and patient with myself.

I’m never, ever very good at that. But hopefully today, skipping my run was a step in the right direction. Though it was awful to stand out there, on a crisp 55-degree morning and tell Kristen and Angi that I won’t be joining them. One of the very best parts of running is the people I run with. So, so many friends, so many who I only see out running. I haven’t run with Kristen in weeks. Who knows when the next time I’ll see her will be?

OK, enough whining. My son’s 3rd birthday party is today. We bought him a Strider bike. And a cake with bulldozers on it.


My daughter has a puffy pink party dress to wear to the event.

My house is clean. Even all the laundry is done (not put away, but done).

Life is good.

This is what I’m reading now:

Here is a review.

Happy running.

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5 Responses to Marathon training update

  1. Jessica says:

    Marathon training is tough…and 20 mile runs always seem to hurt. I’ve done three fulls…and I am super slow too. However, I didn’t even know the definition of slow until I got pregnant while training for a half. Like, as in I’m still training at 15 weeks knocked up. Slow has taken on a whole new and sometimes frustrating meaning. However, I’m trying, as are you, and we’ll both finish our races and be proud of that accomplishment. 🙂

  2. Danni says:

    I think you should just go out at BQ pace and see what happens. First, it’s fun to run that way. Second, you have nothing to lose. Third, you may surprise yourself. I did this at Salmon last fall and I think I might have been able to BQ if I had taken better care of myself leading up to the race. Do it! And don’t worry about speed — it comes and goes. You’re busy!

    • I know, Danni. I should just go for it. What DO I have to lose? So what if I completely blow up? Better to just go for it than run a piss-poor conservative marathon for no reason at all. Right? I mean, I’ve run my share of shitty marathons. Might as well just go for it and let it be shitty because I tried, than shitty because I gave up at the start.

  3. jeri says:

    I’ll be in the cities spectating the race, so I’ll give you a swift kick in the rear if necessary. Do you start your taper after this week? Just get to that starting line healthy. Most important thing!

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