Running, the park, the tub

Howdy, freinds.

We had a nice weekend with a minimum of toddlery at our house. There were trips outside to play, to the park, to the driveway, with our Cozy Coupe, with sidewalk chalk, to visit with neighbors, to go on swings, to climb up play structures.

Both kids behaved for me at the grocery store and Target, and one two different runs with the double stroller.

I can’t complain.Though last week’s trip to the grocery store was so godawful, I was terrified to go this week. I seriously considered getting a babysitter so I wouldn’t have to haul both of them with me. Jack has become a lunatic for those shopping carts that look like cars, but he pulls shit out of the basket when he’s in it, or just generally misbehaves. I don’t know why he thinks that cart gives him a license to be a turd, but he does. So this weekend I told him we can’t ride in them unless he learns to goddamn poop in the potty (his pee training is pretty much taken care of), but it didn’t work. I told him it was the store rule: Only kids who poop in the potty can go in those carts.

Jack: Go in the big cart? Have it?

Me: Nope, that boy probably poops in the potty, so he can ride in it.

That boy’s mother: WTF, lady?

Me: Just go with it, OK, lady? Jesus.

It didn’t work at all. Jack still pooped his pants all weekend. I tried all the right and wrong things: Bribery, holding him on the potty while he cries, “No poopy!”, telling him he’s a baby, offering to let him watch TV if he goes, offering him candy, taking away his blankie, chastising him, leaving him alone on the potty with some books, hovering, you name it, I tried it. Without fail, he got off the potty and crapped his pants 2 seconds later. It’s maddening.

Almost as maddening as Genvieve’s new obsession with the little potty in our kitchen — she just makes a beeline for it and basically licks it. Nice. Poor germy second baby.

Here are the two of them looking cute:

She basically cried unless I let her stand there and hang onto the tub.

In other news, running is going OK. Last week was this:

Mon: 5 miles

Tues: Off with a sick kid

Wed: 9 miles

Thurs: 9 miles

Fri: 5.1 speedy miles

Sat: 2 lame ass miles with the double running stroller, then a trip to the park

Sun: 5.5 with the double stroller

This week is a bit better: I got in 8 miles this morning. I’ll do my first of two or three 20-milers this weekend. Not sure how many I’ll get in before Twin Cities on Oct. 2. This will be my seventh marathon, and I’m not confident in my training. We’ll see. I’ve been running about 35-40 miles a week for a while now. I need to get above 40 every week until taper time. Let’s hope I can make that happen.

In reading news, this is pretty fabulous so far:

Here is a review.

Happy running.

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