Potty update, plus some kid conversations

Howdy, friends.

I am happy to report that after 9 days of potty-training, I think Jack got it. We had fewer and fewer accidents every day, and now we are averaging 1-2 a day. He has stayed dry for his naps, even.

It’s great. And it was worth the hell of the first few days. I definitely was worried we were pushing too hard, but now I’m glad we did. I knew he was ready. This past weekend, we went out of town, and stuck to our underpants-all-the-time philosophy (OK, except in the car, where he wore a pull-up, which he kept dry!). I wasn’t sure how well it would go out of our routine, when we were busy visiting with family and not watching his every move for signs of needing to use the potty.

But Jack surprised us. He did have an accident at Philip’s dad’s house, but thankfully it was outside. And one in his pack-n-play. But on Sunday, he stayed dry all morning, and stayed dry on our long drive home. He even asked to use the potty — and went — for us. So far, he’s just been going when we take him. So when he actually asked to go, and then held it until we got to a bathroom, that feels like a breakthrough. I am so proud.

Of course, we haven’t tackled pooping on the potty, but we’ll get there.

I was talking to my sister-in-law about potty training. There are definitely two camps — one that says wait until they come up to you and say they’re ready, and one that says go ahead and push them, hard, and they’ll get it. I don’t know which way is right. I guess we did a combination of the two — bringing me a dirty diaper seems like Jack was telling us, in his way, yes, he was ready. But as last week unfolded, I wondered, who is trained here? Me or him? I’m following him around and putting him on the potty. So yesterday’s announcement he had to go just seemed like things were starting to click for him. My big boy.

Hopefully this means the end of so much laundry, too. My god.

Jack was pretty funny this weekend. In the car, he spilled a bunch of crackers.

Me: (sigh) Jack, I’m going to have to clean those all up now.

Jack: Yeah you are.

Thanks, kid.

In other news, I ran 13 easy miles on Saturday. I ended up with about 35 for last week. I also got a pretty bad cold. Today, I took my coughing, sneezing self outside to run, walked about 20 feet to the gym entrance to change into running gear, and promptly turned around. It’s 103 heat index. I’m sick. I’m tired. My left pubic ramus hurts (from excessive bouncing in a bouncy house at a party with my son). So, I am taking today off, I guess. I am slightly horrified by how slack I’ve been in my training. I need to remember this around mile 18, when I think, Christ, why is this so freakin’ hard this time around? Oh yeah, piss-poor training. That’s why.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Potty update, plus some kid conversations

  1. Yay Jack!!!

    Seriously? From a bouncy house?! Oh gosh this injury is just awful. I can’t believe 2 years later…I’m so sorry. 😦

  2. MizMollyMae says:

    I love his comment about the spill. Are they just teasing us with their control over our lives or what?!

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