Potty time!

Howdy friends.

I should seriously refer to the last 3 days as the peekend, not the weekend. Good lord.

But the only way through potty training is … through, right? We perservered. And Saturday was MUCH better. Only 2 wet accidents (and one poopy). And fewer tears on the potty. We even managed a short trip out of the house, and stayed dry for it.

Sunday was more of the same. A few accidents — one at our neighbor’s house, right on her dining room floor, and one when we went out to dinner.

But I also took Jack to see “Winnie the Pooh,” his first movie, which he liked, and he stayed dry for it. We did use the potty before, during and after, so that helped.

I sent him to daycare in underpants today and told them no more diapers. His teachers seem committed to helping us get this done. I really hope so. I know he is ready. He just needs to “get it.”

I talked with my friend Joan about it on Thursday, and she told me, “You won’t regret it” about staying the course and getting this done. I kept telling myself that this weekend — it’s worth the hell. I know a lot of people say wait until the kid is totally ready, and that maybe I’m pushing it. But I feel like I’ve made Jack do a lot of things — give up the bottle, give up his pacifier during the day, why is this any different? Just because it’s messy? It also felt good to visit with my friend Erica, who said potty training her daughter was the same — lots of accidents at first.

I am hopeful we are on our way. Jack also stayed dry for his naps, so that is a huge good sign. I hope he has a successful day at daycare with this.

In other news, I ran 15 miles on Sunday morning — after having gone out with friends Saturday night and only getting four hours of sleep — and it went really well. I was pretty tired, but grateful to get it done. I was close to 40 miles for last week, and right about on track.

So, that’s where I am. Keep your fingers crossed we make it through this week of potty-training and continue to make progress.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Potty time!

  1. You are doing great! I tried the “wait until they are totally ready” approach and it blows. Big time. My oldest did fine until his brother was born, then he regressed. Par for the course. Everyone told me I pushed him too much. But Tony was happy to live in his poop. He’d pee all day long in the potty, but poop was his buddy. Unfortunately, he was almost 4 before he’d let it go. At 4 I said enough is enough and did what you’re doing. I wish I had done that from the start instead of giving in to other people’s judgements.

  2. Amy Hoines says:

    I’m happy to hear that Jack survived the “potty boot camp” as you refered to it, at second thought – I am glad you survived! It was more work for you – watching the clock, cleaning up wet pants (and the area around them), pants with stink-a-roni – but, if he got it, your life is going to be much easier now!

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