Potty training, day 1

Today was our first day of official potty training. We decided to do all underpants, all the time for a few days, with regular trips to the potty, and try to get it done.

Potty boot camp, baby.

It went OK. There were a few pee-pees on the potty, a lot of them on the floor and two pairs of pooped-in underpants. Jack did start to pee and then run to, and finish on, the potty this afternoon. So, a tiny bit of progress. He peed his pants again like 5 minutes later, of course.

We played outside for a bit, and brought the potty.

Let’s hope tomorrow improves.

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One Response to Potty training, day 1

  1. Hi! First of all congrats on your initial potty success. Good luck with that…
    I found your blog via the link on Sealegsgirl’s and have enjoyed reading it. Based on your “About” text, we could be twins, except for the part about the 2 kids (first baby on the way here…), and substitute “mellow dog” for “two high-maintenance cats.” All rice krispie-based details are the same. Anyway, no useful potty advice here I’m afraid, just wanted to say hello!

    btw, in one of your entries is a photo of your dad with a Williams sweatshirt. Did you go to Williams?

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