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Howdy, friends.

I just recently finished reading Joshilyn Jackson’s “Backseat Saints,” and man, it was SO good. I highly recommend it. She has a great writing style and her books are fast reads that suck you in. I have some questions about what happened in this one, but I can’t post them or I’ll ruin it for anyone who wants to read it. We’ll have to read it for book club so I can talk about it!

Right now I’m reading “Swamplandia!” by Karen Russell.

Here is a review from the NYTimes. So far, so good. I didn’t read as much as I like to over the weekend. It was so grossly humid out that my typical porch swing-reading time was cut short in the evenings. And I have been fighting some kind of sore throat/sick infection thing for a week, so I just wanted to go to bed early. I feel like crap and am sick of it.

I did end up watching a movie, though. We signed up for Netflix a month ago, when we got rid of cable. It sucks not having cable (I am a spoiled brat, I know). But I’m trying to rally by thinking about all the good movies I can catch up on. I might start a new movie list on here … and I’m open to suggestion. I currently have like 40 in my queue. I am a sucker for depressing foreign films. This weekend I watched “Frozen River.”

Here is a link to more information about it. Philip thought it was too slow and depressing and couldn’t get into it. It was hard to watch at times, but I ended up being glad I watched it. As far as smuggling movies goes, I think “Maria Full of Grace” is a better choice.

In other news. I ran 10.5 humid and disgusting miles on Saturday and just over 5 on Sunday. It was a cutback week (which is hilarious, since I am doing like the minimum training ever). I hope to do my long run this week on Thursday, and the goal is 15-16. That should be no big deal as long as the skies don’t open up or anything. I have no races planned until the fall, so that’s good, too. I ran 10K this morning before work, at a nice, easy pace with my friend Patrick.

I also did some workouts off YouTube, which were absurd. I did the whole “7-Minute Abs” routine, which was pretty good and tough. I’ll definitely do that again. But then I did “8-minute Buns” and “8-minute Arms.” They were both ridiculous. I should have guessed with something with “buns” in the name. Good lord. The guy doing it had on a sweet unitard, and with every squat, the camera focused squarely on his crotch. Up, down, up, down, with shiny encased ball-sack.  Nice.

Then the arms routine, he said, you know, if you are in shape, use hand weights (I did) and if not, use nothing. So of course the woman in the routine used nothing. Just picture a woman in a leotard (nice) doing bicep curls, flys, etc., with no weights. It looked as stupid as it sounds. I mean, I get it, get people started. But seriously. She looked SO DUMB.

Overall, it was a well-rounded arm workout, and 8 minutes is better than nothing. My work schedule is a bit different now, so I am missing my Tuesday lifting class. I am definitely cranky about that — I know it was making a difference for me. But, not much I can do about it. So, it will be me and shiny-unitard guy at home. I don’t think Philip will be jealous.

Happy running.


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  1. RFW says:

    Read Swamplandia and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it.

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