Loving & Hating

Howdy, friends.

Here are things I am loving and hating right now.

Hello delicious malbec.

I admit that I don’t know much about wine. At all. But I like to drink it, baby. I do love red wine. And I tried a malbec at friend’s house a few years ago, and now keep buying different ones. Kiddie bedtime can’t come soon enough, tonight. For whatever reason, lately I want a glass of wine almost every night. Bad habit? Good idea? Let’s not think too hard on this one.

Is it a tackle box, or a giant rental pump???

I freakin’ hate the Medela Lactina I rented. I mean, I love how efficient it is, and seriously it has cut down on my pumping time by like a half hour every day, which is awesome. But still. It’s huge. And ungainly. And bangs into my leg when I carry it. And it looks like a power tool. Ugh. I am so sick of pumping. Genevieve is 7 months old, so I am in the home stretch. And it’s easier now than it was. For the first few months I had to keep talking myself into continuing. And I’m glad I did. The same thing happened with Jack — you just have to get through the first little bit, you know? But dear God, I will be so glad when I don’t have to haul this f-ing thing around anymore.

Accept no substitute.

And other things I am totally hating …

Nice ass shot.

I am pretty sure I have bursitis in my left hip. It hurts like hell. All the time. It’s very frustrating. The good news is, since I have been doing my stretches — and some yoga — the pain in my left pubic ramus has diminished. I am waiting to get in to see someone about my hip, but holy shit, does it hurt. Ibuprofen doesn’t knock it down at all (however, a handful or 12 of mini candy bars seems to dull the pain, a bit, along with large quantities of wine).

I’m easing up on running again, hoping to settle things down. I ran 6 miles this morning, plan to take tomorrow off. I don’t know. I’ll do more yoga … I can really feel a difference in how tight my left hip is when I do it, so I know it’s worth it. I just hate it. I want to wake up, walk outside, and run and be done with it.

This pose seems to help a lot:

I saw a chiropractor briefly yesterday, but he kind of creeped me out, so I don’t know that I’ll go back. He was right on with what he thought was going on, but something about him just was … off. So I don’t know.

So, that’s what’s going on here. I have a jacked up hip. A bad chocolate/graham cracker/red wine habit. And a tackle box full of breastmilk I cart around with me every day.

You know, the usual.

Happy running.

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One Response to Loving & Hating

  1. Sucks about the hip 😦 …but glad the stretching is working. I have learned that the pubic rami fracture leads to other things. Very little pain in my fracture site now (no running for 11 weeks so far). But tons of issues with my pubis symphysis. Go figure.

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