Stretch it out

Howdy, friends.

I met up with the trainers at the Orthopedic Institute today to figure out why the heck I am having pain in my pubic ramus AGAIN.

I have been conservative. Extra conservative. I am taking a few days off each week. I am lifting every week. I am doing more easy runs than hard runs. I had a negative MRI in January, and a workup with a rheumatologist that was fine, and a DEXA-scan that was clean. So. You can imagine how annoyed I am that this nagging pain is coming back. It was diagnosed in 2009, for god’s sake! I’m barely running!

The trainers at OI have helped me through a bunch of injuries — including other stress fractures.

They did a gait analysis for me today. The good news is they think my shoes and orthotics look good. The problem seems to be after my heel strikes, my leg rotates in (I think this is how they described it — like overpronation, but from the hip). Then they had me do a series of things — standing on one leg, different stretches, lunges, etc., and concluded that my calf and hip muscles are really, REALLY tight.

I guess this is pulling on my body and tweaking things in my pelvis.

The advice was to follow a hugely long stretching routine every day and come back in two weeks. They think it could be just some inflammation from everything tugging around in there. God I hope so. Please don’t let me crack everything in there again. I am still traumatized from that. I wish I could have an MRI every day (for free!) to just SEE in there, and know that things are not breaking.

I still plan to run a bit longer tomorrow, and we’ll see how that feels, and then determine if I will race a half-marathon in June or not. I really want to do it, but I don’t want to monkey things up, either. I don’t know. This injury is frustrating — I never know what is too much. Or maybe I do, and I’m just not listening.

Don’t answer that.

In better news: Genevieve had a great night last night. This cry-it-out is working.

Happy running.

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One Response to Stretch it out

  1. Hope the stretching work. As I am discovering…there is no explaining this injury. Doctors can’t help either 😦

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